Book Review: ‘The Moment I Met You: A Novel’ By Debbie Johnson

The Moment I Met You might the emotional book you read all year. Author Debbie Johnson takes you on an emotional rollercoaster right from the beginning to the very end. Have a few tissues available as you read the novel. Elena Godwin is 26 years old and has been with Harry for a long time now. They have decided to take a vacation to Mexico and Elena hopes this will rekindle their relationship, as she’s been having doubts lately about him. They take a day trip to a small village and Harry goes off to shop. Elena invites a mysterious man named Alex, who is on the trip as well, to have a drink with her while she waits. A massive earthquake hits and Elena and Alex are trapped underground together and get to know each other. After they’re rescued and in the hospital, Elena finds out devasting news about Harry, while continuing to hang out with Alex. Alex soon professes his love and askes her to go away with him. As much as she wants to, she’s decided to marry Harry. Nine years later they’re still together but not sure if they’re happy. Elena long ago stopped talking to Alex and now one of the survivors of the quake is making a documentary and wants Elena and Harry to be part of it. It opens up old wounds and secrets are revealed that could change things for Elena forever.

You can pick up The Moment I Met You in stores on Tuesday, March 8th from William Morrow.

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