Book Review: ‘The Mitford Trial: A Novel’ By Jessica Fellowes

Book four starts out in 1933 and Louisa and Guy are just getting married when Guy is called away because of the uprising of the Nazi party in Germany and the start of it in London, which includes members of the Mitford family. And then Louisa is approached by a mysterious man named Iain and told she’s need to work for the Government on a secret mission and can’t tell anyone, not even Guy. She’s to go with the Mitford family on their cruise as a Lady’s assistant and spy on the girls and get any information she can on the rise of the party. When Guy surpises her on the cruise, it turns into work for him, as a man is attacked and later dies, and now Guy must figure out the case, with Louisa’s help. Then we flash-forward to the trial and learn not all is as it seems and Louisa has secrets, secrets she can never tell.

For fans of the series from the beginning, we learn a lot more about the Mitford family in this story and where they’re at in their lives now. And for Louisa it’s a step forward in her life, one that now includes a major lie, that could be her undoing. A solid continuation of the series. It seems to be written by the end like this could be the last book in the series (I do not know this as fact) but hopefully it’s not.

You can pick up The Mitford Trial in stores Tuesday, January 19 from Minotaur Books.

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