Book Review: ‘The Missing Years: A Novel’ Is The Second Great Lexie Elliott Novel

Lexie Elliott debuted her first novel last year The French Girl. It was a great debut novel and film rights were quickly snatched up. Now she’s back with her follow up novel The Missing Years set in Scotland. It’s another suspensful thriller set in a small town in the Scotland Highlands revolving around a castle. The story has great characters, a non-stop thrilling story that starts right from the beginning and never lets up until the climatic, shocking finale. You won’t want to put the book down.

Alisa Calder’s mother has died and left her their family manor in Scotland. Well half a house. The other half belongs to her father who has been missing for 27 years now. She and her sister Carrie move to the place known as the Manse. It’s a creepy, old manor that some believe is haunted and has a mind of its own. Alisa wants nothing more than to sell the place and has to have her father declared dead first.

They get to the Manse and strange things start to happen including a strange man who shows up in the middle of the night. Jamie a neighbor is looking for his sister Fiona, who has a thing for the house and sometimes just shows up in it. Alisa and Carrie soon meet some of the town people and learn that people hold a grudge against them because of something Alisa’s father did 27 years ago. As the days go on more and more strange things happen at the Manse. Including the fact that no animals will step foot on the grounds.

When bones are discovered in one of the rooms it’s assumed it could be her father. Soon shocking secrets are revealed and it leads to revelations that shock Alisa and could cost her not only her life but the life of others around her.

Lexie Elliott is an author to keep watching after two great books I look forward to reading more novels by her and to see what she has up her sleeves.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, April 23rd from Berkley.

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