Book Review: ‘The Misfortunes Of Family: A Novel’ By Meg Little Reilly

It’s time for the annual family get together of former Senator John Bright an his wife Patty in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. The whole family will be attending. Sons JJ and his wife and twin sons, Charlie with his new girlfriend, Spencer with his husband Ian and the youngest Phillip. This year things are different. There will be a producer documenting everything for a potential new series on political families. This requires everyone to be there for three weeks and to be filmed 24/7.

No one is really happy about either of these things but being the good family they are, all agree. When they all get together all the boys are happy to see each other. The people that are not related by blood don’t feel the same way. They always feel like outsiders but put on a happy face.

Things get off to a strange start when Phillip makes an announcement about his future that shocks everyone. And as the days go on things get a bit crazy when the twin boys, who flew to Europe for soccer camp, narrowly escape a terrorist bombing. Then John Bright starts floating the possibility of running for Governor of Massachusetts. He wants his three oldest boys (not Phillip) to help work on the campaign, which they all agree to. But then the crap hits the fans. Shocking secrets from the past come to light, which could hurt the campaign. Then another shocking secret comes out that changes everything and leads to another shocking event that will change everything.

If you’re a fan of soap opera style books, then this is perfect for you. At its core it is a story of a dysfunctional family that truly loves each other. With twists and turns throughout the story, it will keep you engaged right up to the very end.

You can pic up The Misfortunes Of Family from MIRA in stores on Tuesday, February 4th.

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