Book Review: ‘The Midnight Library: A Novel’ By Matt Haig

Nora Seed is 35 years old and her life is not going well. Her cat was hit by a car and died and she lost her job. She decides to end it all. But the ending she expected is not what she got. She ends up in a Library full of books, the point before actual death. It’s a place to look at different ways your life could have went. Guided by Mrs. Elm, who was her former school librarian, Nora can live any number of her lives and see how things could have been different for her. As Nora lives different lives she will have to decide how she will ultimately end up.

Another winner from author Matt Haig. Watching Nora go on her journey makes you wonder if there is something more for us after it is our time. Just a good time read.

You can pick up The Midnight Library in stores on Tuesday, September 29th from Viking.

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