Book Review: ‘The Memory Collectors: A Novel’ By Kim Neville

Two women possess powers that lead them on a path to discovery in the debut magical novel from Kim Neville. It’s features magic, family and secrets that could destory all three. A solid debut novel.

For Evelyn and Harriet their destiny seemed to be forcast years ago when Evelyn’s parents were killed. Now years later both have their powers where they can sense things from objects, that can cause people to have feelings they wouldn’t normally have. They meet and Evelyn goes to work for Harriet, who has been a pack rat all her life. She has so many objects that all have ‘stains’ on them. But Evelyn soon makes a shocking discovery, one that could bring the truth to her about what really happened all those years ago with her parents.

You can pick up The Memory Collectors in stores on Tuesday, March 16th from Atria.

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