Book Review: ‘The Maze: A John Corey Novel’ By Nelson DeMille

John Corey is at his Uncle’s house in the Hamptons, pondering his next move, after being forced in retirement. He’s drinking beers, enjoying the water and wondering when he will get laid again. Then Detective Beth Penrose, an ex-lover of his, shows up with a job offer for him. Security Solutions wants to hire him as a Private Investigator at their firm. They’re aware of his past reputation and contacts and the owner thinks it can help the agency. John isn’t interested but Beth makes it worth it for him. He moves in with her and they resume their relationship, but John is now fool and he knows that something else is at work her. She wants him to be a spy and find out what’s really going on there. Nine woman have died and she knows it has to do with Security Solutions. John has a plan to search the place, get the evidence and quit right away. But things don’t always go according to plan, and a climatic shootout ending is the highlight of the book. This is my first time reading one of these novels and I loved it. The character of John Corey is great, he’s sarcastis, funny, brave and written like a typical man (thinking with a certain body part a lot). It’s written like a stand-alone for people like me who haven’t read them before. Fans of the series I am sure will be happy with this one as well.

You can pick up The Maze in stores on Tuesday, October 11th from Scribner.

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