Book Review: ‘The Man In The Microwave Oven: A Novel’ By Susan Cox

Author Susan Cox is back with her character of Theo Bogart, who is still trying to hide her past. And once again she stumbles upon a dead body, this time tough as nails lawyer Katrina Dermody, who knows about her past and has been a pain to the people in the neighborhood. She has to deal with the police once again.

And on top of that her Grandfather’s past comes back to haunt her. She has to get a message to him and soon finds herself with another dead body. She now has to go on defense to protect herself, her friends and even her family, while going on offense to figure out what happened to these dead people.

I didn’t read the first book in the series but enjoyed this one. Theo is a well-written character and the story is solid and sometimes fun. If you like somewhat offbeat characters this is the novel for you.

You can pick up The Man In The Microwave Oven in stores on Tuesday, November 3rd from Minotaur.

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