Book Review: ‘The Maltese Iguana: A Serge Storm Novel’ By Tim Dorsey

One of the few reasons I like February is because it means a new Tim Dorsey novel featuring Serge and Coleman. The latest novel starts off as covid is hitting, and Serge and Coleman stock up on supplies for 24 hours. As time goes on they both get their vaccines, and as things start to return to normal, they proceed with their lives, and Serge’s tours of various places in Florida, and the crazy situations they get into, which includes the CIA, and Hondurans on a chase, a bunny, and a Hollywood movie shoot, with an ending that you could only read in a Tim Dorsey novel. This is the 26th novel in the series, and it once again tops the previous novel. They’re lots of LOL moments, including battles between Alexa and Siri, I kid you not. Fans of the series will love this one.

You can pick up The Maltese Iguana in stores on Tuesday, February 28th from William Morrow.

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