Book Review: ‘The Making Of Her: A Novel’ By Bernadette Jiwa

Secrets never stay hidden and for Joan Egan that time is about to be up. 30 years ago she got pregnant with Martin’s baby and gave the little girl April, up for adoption. She didn’t want to but Martin insisted they were too young and it would hurt his families standing in Dublin, Ireland. Joan and Martin got married and had another girl named Carmel. They were the only ones who knew about the long ago baby and never told anyone. Now April, whose name is now Emma, reaches out to Joan with a family emergency. Emma has known about the adoption for twelves years now but never had a reason to reach out before. This opens up old wounds and forces Joan to face her past and her future, whatever that is for her family. This is one of the best debut novels I have read in a long time and one of the best books of the year. It’s an emotional journey that will pull at your heart.

You can pick up The Making Of Her in stores on Tuesday, August 9th from Duton.

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