Book Review: ‘The Mad Girls Of New York: A Novel’ By Maya Rodale

A great historical novel based on reporter Nellie Bly and her efforts to get a job in New York as a reporter, something women of 1887 have a hard time doing in a male dominated society. Nellie has come to the big city from Pittsburgh, where she had a succesful career as a reporter. She tries all the major papers and is turned down. She sees a female reporter doing what is known as stunting to get a story and she decides that’s what she will do. She will get herself thrown into an insane assylum called Blackwell and report on the coniditons there. She pitches the story and gets the okay and her publisher is get her sprung after 7 days. She gets in and finds it’s worth than she expected and after seven days still isn’t out. It could be the story that breaks her but two other reporters are on big scoops about her and Blackwells as well and it’s a race against time to be saved and get the story printed. This is all based on real life stories about Nellie and I learned a lot about her. Author Maya Rodale did a great job with her research and hopefully there will be more books based on Nellie coming.

You can pick up The Mad Girls Of New York in stores on Tuesday, April 26th from Berkley.

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