Book Review: ‘The Lying Room’ By Nicci French

International best-selling author Nicci French is back with a new novel about a murder and the lengths one woman will go to to cover up her potential involvement.

Neve Connolly is married to Fletcher and has three children. They have been together for over twenty years. Things haven’t been going great lately. Fletcher is having trouble selling his art. Their daughter Mabel has had a rough last couple of years and is suppose to be going off to university.

Neve has been having an affair with her boss Saul. She was with him last night and the next morning she gets a text from him to come over again he has some time before he has to leave for a conference. She takes off to see him and finds him dead in his flat. She freaks out about what to do. She doesn’t want it to get out that she’s been having an affair. So she cleans the place clean, takes anything that belongs to her and calls the police anonymously. She thinks she is clear at this point. Though she keeps thinking she forgot something. She goes back before the police arrive and notices the murder weapon is missing as is her bracelet she left on the counter. So she knows the killer has been back.

The police show up at her work and start questioning everyone and she has to have her story down pat. Everyone gives their statements but the inspector thinks there’s more going on than anyone is saying and continues to question everyone especially Neve. And then Neve learns something shocking about someone close to her and she decides she is going to investigate and figure out who was the murderer. This brings her into a shocking situation and once again she must use her cunning skills to save her life and save someone close to her.

I loved Nicci French’s Freida Klein series and this stand-alone is a good thriller, with twists and turns and the lengths one woman will go to in order to save herself and her family.

You can pick up The Lying Room in stores on Tuesday, October 1st from William Morrow.

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