Book Review: ‘The Love Of My Life: A Novel’ By Rosie Walsh

The second novel from author Rosie Walsh is one you will not want to put down. It’s a very character driven story, with lots of twists and turns to keep you engaged as you’re reading it. Might be one of the top-ten books of the year. Secrets always come out. Emma and Leo have been together for a long time now. They have a little girl, a dog and a house. And Emma has secrets that Leo never suspected. Leo is an obituary writer for a paper in England and when Emma has cancer he starts writing her obit just in case. As he investigates his wifes earlier life things don’t add up. He learns some of her secrets and lies and suddenly he doesn’t think he even knows his wife. As he learns more and more secrets, he’s determined to find out everything about her. Then she vanishes and he is on the hunt to find her. Told in alternating chapters by the main characters, we learn the secrets and real time and follow them along as twist after twist is revealed.

You can pick up The Love Of My Life in stores on Tuesday, March 1st from Pamela Dorman Books/Viking.

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