Book Review: ‘The Lost Apothecary: A Novel’ By Sarah Penner

The debut novel from Sarah Penner is a gripping story of the past and the present colliding and a myster from over 200 years is mostly solved. Caroline Parcewell is in London for what was suppose to be her 10 year anniversary with her husband James. She found out he was cheating and came by herself. One day she’s out near the Thames river and finds a glass vial and is intiqued by it. She starts researching it as it has a small logo on it. She finds stories about a woman that was known as the apothecary killer’ and finds her old shop still around and hidden. She soon discovers shocking information about what this woman did all those years ago and puts the pieces together about this mysterious woman and deaths that happened because of her.

The story is told in present day and in the past via flashbacks with Nella, who was the apothecary that helped women take care of bad men. It’s a solid debut novel, with a well-written tale, with some well place twists and turns you don’t see coming. Look forward to seeing what Sarah does next.

You can pick up The Lost Apothecary in stores now from Park Row Books.

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