Book Review: ‘The Look-Alike: A Novel’ By Erica Spindler

Sienna Scott hasn’t had it easy for years now. Her mother has suffered from paranoid personality disorder, her father has died, she has fled to London but is now ready to come home. Ten years ago she stumbled on a dead body on the way home to her dorm from the library in college. She has never forgotten it and the killer never found. She thinks the girl was mistaken for her and she might have been the one meant to be murdered.

Now ten years later she’s moving back home. She will live with her mother, who still suffers from her disorder. Her brother Bradley is happy to see her as is a lot of other people in town. She learns that the murder case has been re-opened after all these years. And she gets weird calls telling he is coming for her. She also meets her hunky new neighbor across the street, who is fixing up and flipping the house. They become close and develop feelings for each other.

But things are right in town. She’s worried about her mother, she fears for her life and soon starts suspecting those close to her of being the killer and not sure who she can trust. When the prime suspect is found dead but apparent suicide the case seems to be over. But more digging by Sienna puts her life in jeopardy when she figures out who is the real killer.

A clever, twisty plot that points the fingers at many people and keeps the reader guessing as to who the killer is. The story keeps the reader engaged throughout leading up to the reveal. A fun read for fans of the thriller genre.

You can pick up The Look-Alike in stores on Tuesday, January 28th from St. Martin’s Press.

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