Book Review: ‘The Long Weekend: A Novel’ By Gilly Macmillan

Author Gilly Macmillan (The Nanny) has written another thrilling novel full of twists and turns, murders and lies. The story keeps your attention right from the beginning through the climatic ending. Three couples are suppose to be spending the weekend away at Dark Fell Barn, near the border of Scotland and England. But the husbands aren’t able to make it the first night, so it’s just Emily, Jayne and Ruth. It’s a rainy, stormy night and when they arrive they find a package and a note. A bottle of champagne and the note says one of their husbands will be dead by the end of the weekend. The note is signed E and they believe it’s their friend Edie, who couldn’t make it this year. Her husband Rob died a while ago and she’s known as a joker. The women are worried and with no cell or internet are freaking out. Meanwhile someone is narrating their story about what is suppose to happen and why they’re doing what they’re doing. And the next day one husband shows up, everyone returns home and then the shocks and realities of who is doing what and why are revealed and who has died and why.

You can pick up The Long Weekend in stores on Tuesday, March 29th from William Morrow.

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