Book Review: ‘The London Séance Society: A Novel’ By Sarah Penner

Vaudeline D’Allaire is a well-known medium known for contacting people that have been murdered, and finding their killers. The year is 1873, and she is in Paris, with a new intern Lenna Wickes (whose sister was murdered and was a student of Vaudeline), having fled London to save her life. She was investigating The London Séance Society, an all-male club, who also holds séances, to help find the killers of loved ones. But they’re being accused of being frauds. Mr. Morley, who is in charge of the club after the murder of their leader, on All Hallows Eve, asks Vaudeline to return to hold a séance to contact him, and find out what happened. It’s a two-fold deal, Lenna is searching for what happened to her sister, and Vaudeline is still investigating the club. But not everything is as it seems, and soon they learn it’s a trap, and their lives are in danger. Another good book from author Penner, looking at a time in London when this was all the rage. Fans of gothic type stories, and two strong female characters will like this one.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, March 7th from Park Row.

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