Book Review: ‘The Little Teashop On Main’ Is A Great Story Of Three Close Female Friends And Their Lives

Zoe, Shannon and Emily have been friends since a young age. And they continue to be friends as the years go by. They tell each other everything and are always there for each other. And that includes their tea parties they continue to have. Then there’s Jack a close friend to all of them as well who has always been there. And all of their parents. For the most part they’re close to each other.

As the years go by they go their separate ways to school and to chase their dreams. They have boyfriends and hook-ups and have to deal with things going on in their lives. But they always have each other. One of the girls has been having a tough time and been in the hospital a few times.

The story spans 1998-2018 in their lives and all the ups and downs. There’s marriages, babies, secrets and a shocking death (the book actually opens with a tease about someone dying). But through it all it’s a story about family and friendship. So much happens to all the characters throughout the novel. It’s everyday live.

For me it was a great change of pace to read. I usually read a lot of murder, police detective and Russia/US thrillers. This is just a heartwarming story of three girls and their families. And minor spoiler alert make sure you have kleenex handy by the end of the story as you will need them.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, May 7.

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