Book Review: ‘The Lighthouse Witches: A Novel’ By C.J. Cooke

An ancient witches curse from the 1600’s plagues a small isle calle Lon Haven, off of Scotland and in 1998 a mother and 2 of her girls go missing while staying at a 100 year old lighthouse. Olivia Stay is hired to paint a mural in part of the lighthouse called Longing, built on a report place of witch prisons and burials. And then forward to 2021 and Luna Stay is the only daughter to make it out of there alive. The other three went missing and were never found. Luna is pregnant and still fells the effects of that time now. Then she gets a call saying one of her sisters Clover has been found. Her sister should be 29 but is still the same 7 year old she was when she went missing. The child is acting really strange and wants to go back to where she went missing and find her mother. The story has two timelines from 1998 when everyone went missing and today. There’s also a mysterious grimoire that is found and we see the writing of the time in 1662 when it was written and we learn of the mysterious things and why they are happening today. The past and the present collide and the island and the book will hold the clue on how to fix things once and for all.

A thrilling novel just in time for Halloween will have the reader enthralled with the story and not be able to put it down. The dual storylines work very well here and every question is answered and the book is well-paced with shocking twists and turns. Fans of horror and mystery will not be disappointed.

You can pick up The Lighthouse Witches in stores on Tuesday, October 5th from Berkley.

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