Book Review: ‘The Lies You Told: A Novel’ By Harriet Tyce

Saide and her 11 year old daughter Robin flee from the United States back to England after her marriage to Andrew collapses. She moves back into her mother’s house (the old she grew up in) and gets Robin into the exclusive school in town, the one she went to as a kid. It’s a condition of her mother’s warped will. They were estranged ever since she get married and had Robin. They find it tough at first being here. Robin is shunned at school. Saide is treated badly by the other mothers espically Liza. And she tries to get a job at her old law firm only to be shunned. She gets a job working on a high profile case involving a at the time underage student and her teacher. Meanwhile Saide stands up to the other mother’s and finally is befriend as is Robin.

Even having a job and friends, things are not what they seem. Something is off about these other mothers and soon her ex Andrew shows up with quite the bombshell as well. And then Robin goes missing and it’s a frantic search to find her before it’s too late. Shocking secrets are exposed and someone will die.

A solid thriller with twists and turns to keep the reader engaged in the story.

You can pick up The Lies You Told in stores on Tuesday, December 1st from Grand Central Publishing.

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