Book Review: ‘The Library Of Lost Things: A Novel’ By Laura Taylor Namey

Part Young Adult and part Rom-Com The Library Of Lost Things is an enjoyable look at two lost souls that find each other. Darcy Wells has always been an avid reader. Since she was young she always has had books around. Now that she is about to turn 18, graduate high-school and go off to college books hold an even more special place for her. Not to mention she works in a bookstore.

She uses books as a crutch whenever she is stressed. She will often hold one in each hand. And these days she is really stressed. Her mother is a hoarder and is reverting back to her old ways of buying things. They have a new landlord at their apartment building and is going to want to see the apartment (which very few people ever have due to all the stuff her mother has bought). Her Grandmother is cutting her off of money once she turns 18 so she needs to come up with more money to help pay bills. And then there’s Asher Fleeet. He was destined for great things until a horrible car accident shook up his life. Now he is doing handyman/construction stuff at the business next to the bookstore.

They end up spending time around each other and then going out. They both have emotional baggage but seem to understand each other. Darcy opens up about some stuff in her life but not her mother’s hoarding. Asher feels like she is holding out on him and wants to go to the next level. This will make Darcy have to confront her problems with her mother and an absent father. Will she be able to settle these issues and make a go with Asher?

This is Laura’s first book and it is really good. The characters are ones you root for and Darcy for being so young really has a level head on her shoulders as she has a lot to deal with. If Laura keeps putting out books like this she has a great future.

You can pick up The Library Of Lost Things in stores on Tuesday, October 8th from Inkyard Press.

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