Book Review: ‘The Last Trial: A Novel’ By Scott Turow

In his 11th novel featuring Kindle County, author Scott Turow has written a legal thriller for the ages. It tells the story of a trial from start to finish and everything that happens throughout the whole process. You won’t want to put this book down it’s that good!

Sandy Stern is a lawyer in his 80’s who has decided to take one last case. Kiril Palko is a Nobel prize winner and a friend of Sandy’s for many years. He’s accused of insider trading and murder from his cancer treatment drug, that was approved by the FDA. He received a call before damaging information about the drug and sold a lot of stock.

Now the Government is prosecuting him and Sandy and his lawyer daughter Marta are defending him. The story opens with a medical issue for Sandy and then the trial starts and we follow along in real time up to the verdict and the twists and turns that come with the trial and after when we learn more truths about what really happened.

Author Scott Turow has really done his research on the law sides of things at every level. From every objection to contempt charges to motion after motion, it’s a fascination legal thriller.

You can pick up The Last Trial in stores now from Grand Central.

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