Book Review: ‘The Last To See Her: A Novel’ By Courtney Evan Tate

Genevieve and Meg are sisters and in New York for Meg’s medical convention and to celebrate Gen’s divorce from the cheating husband on hers Tad. On the first night in town they get drunk, Meg throws her wedding ring off the balcony of their hotel and then decides to go for a drunk walk wearing Meg’s coat. And this is where the book kicks into high gear. Someone grabs Gen and she has disappeared. Meg is frantic the next day and after 24 hours calls the police. She meets with Detective Hawkins and the search is on. We get flashbacks and present day from various characters and we learn their shocking secrets and what led to the Gen being taken, who took her and why. All is explained with great twists and turns and a story that keeps the reader engaged right to the very end.

You can pick up The Last To See Her in stores on Tuesday, December 15th from MIRA.

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