Book Review: ‘The Last Time I Lied: A Novel’ Asks What Happened To Those Three Girls Fifteen Years Ago

Summer camp is usually a highlight for a lot of kids. It’s a time to get away from their parents, be with friends or make new ones. Go swimming, learn arts and crafts and hopefully have fun. Camp Nightingale was suppose to be that for thirteen year old Emma Davis. But what happened that summer has haunted now for fifteen years. Her three cabin mates Vivian, Allison and Natalie went missing on July 4th and never were seen or heard from again.

Today Emma is having a showing of her paintings. They are based on the three missing girls from camp all those years ago. Emma is still haunted by it and cannot paint anything else. They sell really well and are critically received. When Franny (now owner of the camp and the land surrounding it) shows up at the showing asks her to meet. Emma is shocked when she’s asked to return to the camp as a paint instructor. The camp is being re-opened. She is not sure she can handle it. But decides it’s time to put the past behind her. She’s is surprised when she has to bunk in the same cabin as fifteen years ago.

Emma swears she keeps seeing Vivian at the camp and strange things happen to her. Is she going crazy or are there clues being left for her. When she discovers a map and a diary of Vivian from all those years ago, it brings the past and present together and they collide in the same way. Her three bunk mates go missing and it’s up to Emma to find them and figure this out once and for all.

The story is full of lies, secrets and shocking plot twists you don’t see coming. They say you can never keep secrets buried as they always have away of coming out. This story proves that. When you think you might have things figured out don’t. Right up to the shocking last page. I like to call these kind of books page-turners. You just don’t want to put it down.

The Last Time I Lied: A Novel from Riley Sager is available in stores on Tuesday, July 3rd from Dutton.

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