Book Review: ‘The Last Tiara: A Novel’ By M.J. Rose

It’s 1948 and Isobelle has found a tiara behind a wall in her late mother’s apartment. Determined to find out the truth about this tiara that may have something to do the Russians, she enlists the help of a jeweler named Jules Reed. Together they go on a quest to find out about it. They also become romantically involved. He reveals he’s part of a secret society to return jewels to their rightful owners. We also have a flashback to her mother’s life and what this tiara is and how she came to have it. If that’s not enough a mysterious Russian man is following Isobelle around and then there’s a few shocking twists that rock the story. Twists you don’t see coming.

Author M.J. Rose is one of the top writers in the field of historical fiction. Everytime I read one of her books I learn new information about that time period. And her stories are always great, with twists and turns you don’t ever see.

You can pick up The Last Tiara in stores on Tuesday, February 2nd.

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