Book Review: ‘The Last Remains: A Ruth Galloway Novel’ By Elly Griffiths

The 15th, and possibly final book in the series goes out in a good way, and ties up loose ends. Dr. Ruth Galloway is having a tough time lately. Covid is still in full force in 2021, she teaches by zoom, and has just found out archeology is being cut by her university. A furious campaign is started to save it. Her married boyfriend Nelson wants to move in together, but she’s not ready. Then a body is found buried from the year 2002, and Ruth is called in to help recover it. An investigation begins, led by Nelson, and signs lead back to Ruth’s best friend Cathbad, who vanishes. Everyone is frantic to find him, and Ruth is led into a trap, and now her life, along with her daughter, are in danger. If this is indeed the final novel, author Elly Griffiths goes out on a high note with this series. I can’t wait to see what she writes next.

You can pick up The Last Remains in stores on Tuesday, April 25th from Mariner Books.

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