Book Review: ‘The Last Passenger’ Is The A Good End To The Charles Lennox Prequel Series

Author Charles Finch is back with his third and final prequel book in his Charles Lennox series. The year is 1855 and Charles is now 27 years old and still getting his private detective business off the ground. He has a couple of small cases but now a murder on a train has him involved. The man was found dead with no luggage, identification and all the labels were ripped off his clothes. He enlisted to help Scotland Yard solve the case.

After some digging it’s learned who he is and why he was in London. He was an American Congressman and was working on getting slavery abolished in the United State. He was not alone and another body is found and a third member of the group was attacked and survived. Charles and Graham are on the case searching through clues and soon they are close to solving the case. Charles even gets an offer to join Scotland Yard because of how well he does.

On his personal life his friend Lady Jane is determined to find him a wife (she is in co-hoots with his mother). He is set up with Kitty and falls in love but he’s not sure what will become of it. He’s also there for Lady Jane when she suffers a tragedy. All this is going on and he still has time to solve the murders.

If you’ve read the series on a regular basis like I have, this three-part prequel was perfect in getting to know Charles and how his detective career got going. These books flush out the man Charles is now and we get to know his family and friends as well. Author Charles Finch has a unique way of writing these books and the best parts are with Charles and Graham (who are each others yings and yangs). The setting of Victorian England is well uses as well in these books.

You can pick up The Last Passenger in stores on Tuesday, February 18th from Minotaur Books.

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