Book Review: ‘The Last Hours In Paris: A Novel’ By Ruth Druart

I loved this book. It has everything you want in a WWII novel. A love story, tragedy, sacrifice and secrets. If you’re a fan of historical fiction/WWII novels, this one is for you. In 1963 Josephine is about to turn 18 and wants to get a passport and go to London on a school trip. Her mother Elise doesn’t want her to go and is always evasive about her past and Josephine’s father. When Josephine finds her birth certificate, she sees the name of a different man as her father, she was told it was someone else. She flees to Paris and her aunt looking for answers. Via flashback to Paris in 1944, Elise works for a bank and is living under German rule. She’s helping to smuggle childred out of the city and has become friendly with a young German officer who doesn’t believe in the cause. They soon fall in love and as the allies arrive, they’re betrayed and he’s taken away and soon after Elise finds out she’s with child. She’s sent away to raise her child and live her life. Back to Paris in 1963 Josephine learns shocking secrets about her father and the past and it changes everything and sends her on a journey of discovery. Be prepared for an emotional journey.

You can pick up The Last Hours In Paris in stores on Tuesday, July 19th from Grand Central Publishing.

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