Book Review: ‘The Last Drop Of Hemlock: A Novel’ By Katharine Schellman

The Nightingale is an illegal speak-easy during prohibition, that is very popular, and Honor pays the right people off to keep her club going. On this night news spreads that one of their own is dead, Pearlie, a bouncer, and uncle of Bea. It’s ruled a suicide, but later proven to be murder by poison. Vivian is one of Bea’s best friends, and soon learns that poor people near her are being target for robberies, and being sent poison, if they don’t respond to the threats. They also learn Pearlie had come into money, and was expecting a big payment before he dies, and they cannot find his money anywhere. They decide to investigate, But someone doesn’t want them sticking their noses in, and it could them their lives. This is a great follow-up to the first book in the series, with fun supporting characters, and a look to what life was like in the days of the 20s and illegal clubs. A perfect summer read.

You can pick up The Last Drop Of Hemlock in stores on Tuesday, June 6th from Minotaur Books.

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