Book Review: ‘The Last Dress From Paris: A Novel’ By Jade Beer

I loved this book! Anything set in Paris is good reading and this story has it all…Paris, a mystery from the past that ties together today, romance and well-written characters and a story you are engaged in and don’t want to put down. Told in two time periods, starting in 1952 when Alice was married to Albert, the British Ambassador to France. She lived the good life, parties, money and dresses from Dior. But she didn’t have love with Albert. She met Antoine and they fell in love but it wasn’t meant to be. In 2017 Lucille is asked by her Grandmother to go to Paris and bring back a Dior dress her friend has had for years. It quickly leads to a mystery as they’re are 8 dresses with cards and notes. There’s a story her and Lucille teams up with Leon, a man she meets and falls for and starts chasing down her Grandmother’s mysterious life. It leads to shocking reveals about what happened with Alice and her life and shocking reveals for the whole family.

You can pick up The Last Dress From Paris in stores on Tuesday, June 21st from Berkley.

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