Book Review: ‘The Kingfisher Secret: A Novel’

The Kingfisher Secret is an interesting novel. First off we have no idea who the author is. The person that wrote it is simply anonymous. According to the press notes it is for 2 reasons: one he writes other books under his name and wants to keep this one separate and to protect the source for this book and what it is about. This book is considered a conspiracy thriller that is rooted in real life (per the press notes).

It’s the eve of the 2016 election (and thankfully doesn’t involve Trump) and Grace Elliott who works for a tabloid magazine out of Canada has been working on a story about the Anthony Craig, who is expected to win and a porn star (sound familiar?). She gets the story and her editors decide to pay for it and kill it (again sound familiar) which doesn’t make Grace happy. She soon gets her next assignment to go to Prague to work with Elena Craig (Anthony’s ex and a big advertiser who has a column) answering lifestyle questions. They have been friends and working together for a while. In Prague Grace gets the idea to write a book about Elena and her life.

Elena is furious and literally kicks Grace out of the car in the middle of Prague. Grace takes the bull by the horn and decides to continue on with the book anyway. She starts digging and talking to people about Elena. The more she digs, the more she finds Elena is not who she claims to be and also finds her life in danger. Her digging takes her to various European cities and she finds that information she should have is missing and there are cover-ups going on. She’s still being followed and worries for her safety.

Through flashbacks we learn who Elena is and what her secrets are. She’s recruited from an early age and she’s know as Kingfisher and she must seduce and marry a wealthy man with political influence. What she has to do is revealed and she’s never to talk about it, even today. It could cost her and her family their lives.

Grace is finally on the right track when she learns that she can’t trust anyone and is given a final ultimatum. What will she do and how is Elena involved in all of this?

A fascinating look at what is rumored to be a real program that women have gone through with the Russian Government. Again according to the press notes it was rumored but never confirmed that Ivana Trump might have even been out of these women.

You can judge for yourself when the book comes out on Tuesday, October 16th.

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