Book Review: ‘The Killer In Me’ Is The Next Exciting Frankie Sheehan Novel

Detective Chief Superintendent Frankie Sheehan is back and in the middle of a serial killer murder mystery. People are being killed and messages being left at the scene. The killer is doing a great job covering his or her tracks. At the same time convicted killer Sean Hennessey is released from prison after being convicted of killing his parents years ago, he is looking at being a suspect. He has an alibi and it seems like it could be a few other people.

As Frankie investigates more people are being killed. There’s a common thread among them and it still seems to lead back to Sean in someway but there’s no proof. The more she investigates she finds things that tie the past to this set of murders and it might even lead to someone close to her being in danger. As she figures out who is responsible Frankie has to race to save love ones before it’s too late.

Murder, secrets, twists and turns and family tie this story all together. A crime story with great characters, surprises along the way and a twist at the end make this an exciting second novel in the series. Look forward to more in the future.

You can pick up The Killer In Me in stores on Tuesday, April 2nd from Dutton.

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