Book Review: ‘The Kill Club’ Is A Thrilling Ride

Jazz doesn’t have a lot going for her but the one thing she does have is the love for her 13 year old brother Joaquin, who is being raised by his adopted mother Carol, who was Jazz’s foster mother. Jazz go away from her and would like nothing better than to be able to take Joaquin as well. But that is not going to happen. Carol is out of her mind crazy and is refusing now to let Jazz see him or give him his shots for diabetes. Jazz is at the end of her rope trying to protect him.

Then one day Jazz gets a strange call out of the blue. Someone knows about her history and that she wants Joaquin. The voice offers her help, with a price. At first Jazz refuses. Then after a violent confrontation with Carol she re-considers. They will make Carol go away for good and then Jazz hopefully can get him. The catch is Jazz must take the life of someone else that wants someone to go away. She as first refuses but then they know so much about her she decides to do it. This isn’t the first time this organization had made this offer to people. There have been a series of killings called the Blackbeard Killings.

The police are working the cases, the people all die of a poison injection and card is left at the scene. Each time Jazz tries to get the person she is suppose to kill it gets botched (twice it has happened). And now the people behind the killings have no patience for Jazz and her life is on the line as they have now targeted them as well as Joaquin to take out someone. Jazz is on the run and soon learns who is behind everything but it may be too late for her and Joaquin as they reach a climatic showdown, where not everyone will survive.

Author Wendy Heard has written a thrilling novel that takes the reader on a ride right from the beginning to the very end. A real page-turning story that you won’t want to put down. It asks the question how far would you go to protect someone? Would you kill? You will be thinking these things as you read through this great novel.

You can pick up The Kill Club in stores on Tuesday, December 17th from MIRA.

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