Book Review: ‘The Kids Are Gonna Ask: A Novel’ By Gretchen Anthony

17 year old twins Thomas and Savannah McClair lost their mother a few years ago in a freak accident. They live with their Grandmother Maggie and never knew who their father was. That’s all about to change. They have been doing podcasts with some success. Now that their quest has gone viral, a media company has come along and wants to have them do a podcast in search of their dad.

They start it and becomes popular. They follow all leads and nothing pans out right away. And with the popularity comes the backlash. People on social media debate if what they’re doing is right. They start doing media interviews which brings more publicity for the podcast.

Then one day an e-mail comes that could change everything. The man known as Thor, who may be their father, contacts Thomas and they chat and he could be the real deal. As things start to spiral out of control, the three of them will need to figure out how to proceed forward if he is indeed their biological father.

A solid story that takes place in the world of podcasting. Asking for answers to the past isn’t always what it can be. Author Gretchen Anthony does a good job looking at all sides of this issue, playing off of what social media is and can be. You root for Thomas and Savannah to find their dad and hope all can go well for them. A solid summer novel.

You can pick up The Kids Are Gonna Ask in stores on Tuesday, July 28th from Park Row.

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