Book Review: ‘The Key To Happily Ever After’ Is A Fun Romantic Story

Three sisters Marisol (the oldest), Jane (middle) and Pearl (youngest) have taken over the family wedding consultant business Rings & Roses after her parents have retired as equal partners. They have a good clientele but soon find out the business isn’t as good as it should be. Being part of making sure their client’s wedding days goes smooth isn’t easy. They are always on call and things always come up. And Marisol is overbearing at times.

Pearl wants to do more and is constantly being kept down by Marisol. And this causes issues among the sisters. When Pearl lands a big client she wants to be the TOP (the person in charge of the client’s wishes) but Marisol isn’t sure. This causes Pearl to announce she wants to be bought out and is going to start her own business.

And personally each sister has a lot going on. Marisol is drawn to Reid the owner of the house next door to hers and the brother of her current client. Jane has a little boy who doesn’t know his dad. When Jane contacts Marco the father he comes to town and this causes issues with her sisters and also Jane’s health as she’s been sick. And Pearl has fallen for her best friend’s Kayla’s twin brother Tristan (she has always been in love with him). And they decide to take it to the next level.

As thing are falling apart professionally and personally, the sisters must band together and fix things before it’s too late.

A story of sisters, family and at the core of it being there for each other no matter what. Through in new loves with great characters and this is a charming romantic comedy.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, May 14th from Gallery Books.

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