Book Review: ‘The Kew Garden Girls: A Novel’ By Posy Lovell

A solid debut novel from author Posy Lovell about set during WWI and the Suffrage movement. It’s well researched and shows what women had to deal with and what men who didn’t believe in the war had to go through to uphold their beliefs. For 35 year-old Louisa living in London is a new start for her, after fleeing her abusive husband and for 16 year-old Ivy, it’s the beginning of new things. They both get jobs at Kew Garders along with Bernie, a former teacher. Both of the women belong to the Suffrage movement but don’t tell their boss. Bernie is a Quaker and doesn’t believe in the war or enlisting. Soon a campaign is started to out men who don’t enlist and Bernie is targeted and loses his job and has to hide. Louisa (who outed him) and Ivy decide they need to help him and also go on a campaign to get the women of Kew Gardens equal pay as the men. And when Louisa’s husband shows up and Ivy’s boyfriend Jimmy goes to war, the two women bond and work together to try and make things better and wait on word about Jimmy’s fate.

You can pick up The Kew Garden Girls in stores on Tuesday, Aprl 20th from Putnam.

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