Book Review: ‘The K Team’ Is A Great Start To An Andy Carpenter Spinoff Series By David Rosenfelt

Author David Rosenfelt has a long running hit series based around his Andy Carpenter Lawyer. He’s also has stand-alone best-selling thrillers. Now he has started a spinoff series featuring retired cop Corey Douglas and his retired K-9 dog Simon (who were part of a story-line in an Andy Carpenter novel), Andy’s wife Laurie and Marcus. Together the three are known as The K Team. They are investigators for hire.

And their first client is Judge Henry Henderson, who is sent incriminating evidence of a Cayman Islands bank account and a picture with a hooker. He knows nothing about the money and the picture was taken at a New York hotel but is innocent. They figure something is coming up that someone wants to have the judge in their pockets.

They start investigating but the trail is kind of cold. They go through all his past cases and upcoming cases and concentrate on those and soon narrow it down to a few. Soon the judge gets messages saying the time is coming. He refuses to be blackmailed and tells the people that are trying to he won’t do what they might ask.

Then bodies start turning up as people are murdered. Then a shocking thing happens with the judge and Corey, Laurie and Marcus won’t rest until the truth comes out. Andy Carpenter appears a few times in the novel but it’s not about him. It’s about Corey, who may have found a new love and Simon, with Laurie and Marcus along for the ride.

If you’re a fan of the Andy Carpenter series, you will like this new one. It has everything that the Andy books have and it was a fun, enjoyable read and start to the series.

You can pick up The K Team in stores on Tuesday, March 24th from Minotaur Books.

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