Book Review: ‘The Jeweler Of Stolen Dreams: A Novel’ By M.J. Rose

Set in 1942, with Suzanne Belperron, a famous jeweler of her time in France, during WWII, with the Germans occupying France. She secretly works with her friend, and actress Dixie Osgood, to help smuggle Jewish people out of France. New York in 1986, and Violine Duplessi works for an auction house, and has been called to the house of Senate hopeful Paul Osgood, who has inherited his family home, and Violine is going through everything. She also has a secret, since she was a young child, she inherited a family gift, when she touches things, she can see what the history is of it. She has suppressed it, but now that she has found a hidden compartment in a chest filled with jewels, she starts to sense things. It leads her to Paris to investigate these jewels, and who really owned them. It leads to 1942 and to Suzanne, and secrets that have never come out. But someone else wants these jewels, and to keep Violine and Paul from learning the truth. Nobody writes these kind of novel like M.J. does. Every time I read one, I learn something new about someone, or something I didn’t know about. I always look forward to her new books in the beginning of the new year.

You can pick up The Jeweler Of Stolen Dreams in stores on Tuesday, February 7th.

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