Book Review: ‘The Island’ Is The Next Thrilling Dewey Andreas Novel By Ben Coes

The new Dewey Andreas novel kicks major-ass. It’s a thrilling ride right from the beginning and never lets up. It might be the book of the summer….you won’t want to put it down. Iran has decided that they’re gonna strike America and take the country down. They will go after the President, who is scheduled to speak at the United Nations and have a plan to take down the Fed and crippel the economy. They have everyone in place in New York to start their plan. Two people stand in their way…Dewey Andreas and Rob Tocoma. They tried to take Dewey out but failed. He and Rob happen to be in the New York area when the attack begins and they each take the fight to the street in dramatic fashion to save the President and the Fed. It’s a shoot-em up, take no prisoners attack by these two, the NYPD and the military. Who survives the carnage will determine the future of the country.

If you’re a fan of the series you will love this book. If you’ve never read one of author Ben Coes novels now is a good time to jump in.

You can pick up The Island in stores on Tuesday, August 17th from St. Martin’s Press.

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