Book Review: ‘The Invisible Husband Of Frick Island: A Novel’ By Colleen Oakley

The latest novel from author Colleen Oakley is a delightful, quirky look at the people of a small island off of Maryland and how they look out for each other and protect each other. Colleen always writes fun, interesting novels and this one is as good as her previous novel.

Piper Parrish has live on Frick Island her whole life. She has married Tom Parrish and loves him to death. He goes out everyday when he can and fishes for crabs and sells them. One day he doesn’t come back and it’s reported his boat sank and his body not found and he is believed to be dead. Piper refuses to believe it and she acts like he’s still alive and talks to him and everyone on the island plays along. Journalist Anders Caldwell is sent to the island to cover a cake event that takes place every year. He’s never been there before and outsiders are usually not welcomed very nicely. He also has a podcast he’s trying to get off the ground. He discovers that the island may be gone in years because of Global Warming. He also notices Piper and how she acts. He decides to investigate and do more podcasts about the island and Piper and how she acts. He starts going back every weekend and trying to talk to the people. He also becomes friendly with Piper. She has no idea what he’s actually doing as there is hardly any internet on the island. And then his podcast blows up because of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Anders feels guilty about it, as he is developing feelings for Piper. And soon he learns the truth about what’s going really going on at Frick Island and soon things blow up in his face. He only hopes he can make it up to Piper and the residents of the island.

You can pick up The Invisilbe Husband Of Frick Island in stores on Tuesday, May 25th from Berkley.

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