Book Review: ‘The Instructor: A Derrek Harrington Novel’ By T.R. Hendricks

Derek Harrington has been having a tough time since his time in the Marines ended. He has violent streaks, PTSD, his wife divorced him, he doesn’t get much time with his son, his father is sick, and he is behind on child support. He teaches SERE classes (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) to people wanting to learn. After finishing a weekly class, Gil asks him if he would teach a longer class to a group of men, offering a lot of money, led by Marshall. Derek takes the offer, and soon finds he has more than he asked for. This is a fringe group, and things seem off with them. He calls his FBI friend, and he goes in undercover. He gets in way over his head, his life is in danger when his cover is blown, his family is kidnapped, and Derek is pissed off. And a pissed off Derek is not a good thing. This is a terrific kickoff to the new series. Derek is a well-written, badass character. Fans of novels like Jack Reacher, The Gray Man, and Orphan X will love this novel. Here’s to a lot more novels with this character.

You can pick up The Instructor in stores now from Forge.

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