Book Review: ‘The Housekeepers: A Novel’ By Alex Hay

Mrs. King is the housekeeper for a wealthy family, and she’s also a master thief. She’s planning a heist of epic proportion of the house she currently works at. Then she gets fired, and plans the heist right down to the last detail. A big ball will be taking place, and that is the time to strike. She enlists the help of Mrs. Bone, well known, and respected for the things she does. Everything is planned, and ready to go. But like all good plans, last minute hitches come up that must be dealt with, including shocking revelations about just who Mrs. King, and Mrs. Bone really are, and what they want. This is a wickley fun, devious, delicious, page-turning novel to read. A perfect July 4th beach read.

You can pick up The Housekeepers in stores on Tuesday, July 4th, from Graydon House.

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