Book Review: ‘The House Party: A Novel’ By Rita Cameron

An intense character-driven novel about how money and power can save some but not others, in a Philadelphia suburb, after a massive underage party destroys a house being built. It’s April of 2008 and almost the end of the school year. A text goes out that a party is taking place at the location of an expensive new house being built. Will O’Connor is heading to Princeton on a scholarship and really has no interest in going, as he has a track meet the next morning. But he ends up buying the keg and goes with his 21 year-old brother. He intends to stay for just a little bit. But he’s suckered into staying and gets wasted like most of the others. WHen he goes looking for his girlfriend Mattie, he finds her locked in a room, out of it and about to be raped. He breaks a glass window and saves her. That sets off a mass destruction of the house. The police catch Will and a few others drunk and give them tickets. It’s not until a couple of days later that the police find out about the house being trashed and notify the owners, Maja and Ted, who live in New York. This sets off a flurry of action as the police try to find out who was there and the owners want answers. All the kids keep quiet at first but the pressure of the investigation heats up, people start talking and pressure from powerful people save some and not others. Who goes down and who gets away are what the core of this novel is about. It’s a great novel you won’t want to put down.

You can pick up The House Party in stores on Tuesday, September 13th form William Morrow.

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