Book Review: ‘The House Of Brides’ Is A Thrilling Debut Novel From Jane Cockran

Author Jane Cockran has written a thrilling novel about a woman wanting to know about her family but could cost her her life.

Miranda has had ups being a social media influencer in Australia and made a lot of money. But something went terribly wrong, she was sued and lost everything. She had to move back into her father’s house with her step-mother and step sisters. Her father is a controlling man and lays the law down on Miranda. When she spots an envelope on the table addressed to her dead mother it peaks her curiosity and she reads it. It’s from a cousin she has never net asking for help at the family estate Barnsley House in England. The place that her mother wrote about in her best-selling book about the family and the women who lived and helped run the place over the years.

She decides she needs to go there and see what’s going on. She uses her father’s credit card and takes off the England (and he won’t be happy when he figures it out). When she arrives at Barnsley House she is mistaken for a potential new nanny for the three children that live there. She’s hired to be the nanny and never says who she is.

She meets the creepy housekeeper Mrs. Mins, her Uncle Max who is married to Daphne, who is laid up in bed after a car accident that put their youngest daughter Agatha in a wheelchair. As she begins her job she soon figures out things are not what they seem at this place. She becomes attached to the kids and investigates things at the house. When Daphne disappears things become even more complicated and scary. Daphne gave Miranda a key to a locked draw with a journal she kept. Miranda soon learns shocking secrets about her Grandparents, her mother and family. And it may be her undoing and cost her everything.

Author Cockran has written a thrilling story told in Miranda’s voice and set in a great location (an English Countryside with a mysterious island) that leaves the reader wondering what’s going on in this creepy house/inn. The reader is engaged in this story with twists and turns right up to the very end.

You can pick up The House Of Brides in stores on Tuesday, October 22nd from Harper.

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