Book Review: ‘The Honey-Don’t List: A Novel’ By Christina Lauren

For Casey Douglas and James McCann things are about to get crazy in their lives in the new rom-com by bestselling author Christina Lauren.

Casey has worked for Rusty and Melissa Tripp for ten years since she was sixteen. She more is Melissa’s assistant. They have hit it big now with a successful home make-over show, a new book coming out and a bunch of stores. But not everything is as is seems with them. They actually don’t get along and haven’t for years. It’s all a show for the public. And now they have a book coming out and have to go on tour to promote it and a new show.

Casey and James find Rusty cheating on Melissa with the co-host of their show a few nights before they’re to leave. They tell Melissa about it and have to go on the tour with them (they were each suppose to have the time off). Things on the road are strained with them and Casey and James have to babysit them. And they spend a lot of time together and soon hook up. Casey admits most of the designs are hers and have been for years.

They both decide they are going to quit but James gets a good offer for the show the Tripps have on Netflix if it’s picked up for a second season but doesn’t tell Casey. Then all hell breaks loose and everything hits the fans. And Casey learns James secret and is hurt and it may be the end of them. Will everyone be able to move forward after a shocking event takes place?

Author Christina Lauren is the Queen of the romantic-comedy genre. This is another stellar story of two people who find they need each other when they weren’t expecting it to happen. A solid story and romance makes for a fun read.

You can pick up The Honey-Don’t List in stores on Tuesday, March 24th from Gallery.

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