Book Review: ‘The Hollow Of Fear’ Is The Next Exciting Lady Sherlock Story

Author Sherry Thomas is back with her third book in her Lady Sherlock series. Lady Sherlock is actually Charlotte Holmes who dresses as the male Sherlock Holmes and helps solve crimes in Victorian-era London. Charlotte does this as a way to get her freedom, since she doesn’t want to be what a typical lady of that time would be like. She teams up with her partner Mrs. Watson to take on cases that come her way.

This time her friend Lord Ingram’s wife has been found dead in an ice-house on the property. She was suppose to be abroad and no one knew she came back. The murder has taken place on his estate and he’s the prime suspect in the case. Scotland Yard is on the case and the more they investigate the closer they get to arresting Lord Ingram. This time instead of Charlotte as Sherlock, she is his brother Sherrinford investigating and trying to prove his innocent.

There is also the fear that Moriarty may be involved in this as he still has a vendetta against certain people (it is explained in the beginning of the story). Charlotte must work fast and cover her tracks as the police also want to talk to her and Sherlock about some things. She is a race against time to prove the Lords innocent and what she discovers is a shocking twist to the case.

It’s a fun look at the Victorian era time when Charlotte goes against the norm to do what she wants to do not what is expected of her. The character is fun and well-written and it someone to look forward to reading more of.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 2nd from Berkley Trade Paperback,

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