Book Review: ‘The Holiday Swap’ Is A Fun Holiday Rom-Com From Author Maggie Knox

Charlie and Cass are identical twin girls who are both great bakers. Cass is running the family bakery in her home town. Charlie is the co-host of a cable reality baking show that’s doing a Christmas run of 12 episodes (the show has been cancelled) and is up to be the host of a new reality baking show. She has a freak accident at work and has a concussion and has lost the ability to taste and smell (it is only temporary). She gets Cass to switch places with her and finish co-hosting the show and Charlie will run the bakery. A perfect plan so what could go wrong? Well both women meet charming men and start to fall in love. Cass makes some mistakes while filming the show (nothing all that bad) and then learns a shocking secret. Both Charlie and Cass feel guilty about lying to the men in there lives and soon confess. They’re both back at the bakery and hope that they can work everything out with the guys and keep the bakery afloat when a national bakery chain wants to move to town.

If you’re a fan of rom-coms this is a fun novel with interesting characters, a delightful story and a great holiday setting. It also will make you hungry as you read along with the baking parts of the novel. A great start to the holiday reading season.

You can pick up The Holiday Swap in stores on Tuesday, October 5th from Putnam.

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