Book Review: ‘The Hidden Things’ By Jamie Mason

4 people, one value-able painting and a viral video drive the story in the new Novel The Hidden Things by Jamie Mason.

Fourteen year old Carlyy Liddell is attacked in her house and she fights off the attacker and police come and see that there are cameras everywhere outside the house. There’s also one inside the house as you walk in where the attack happens. The police post the video to social media and soon the attacker is found right away. The video also captures a small corner of a painting hung on the wall. The painting is part of a collection that was stolen years ago and was to be sold to a buyer. But John double-crossed and took the painting. John is Cathy’s stepfather. He sees the video and sees that part of the painting is on the video.

This is where the fun begins. The video is seen by two people that were double-crossed years ago and they see the painting. Soon they discover where the house is and that it is John (they never knew his last name) and each on their own makes plans to get it back. Plans are made to hand it over but nothing goes according to plan. People are crossed and soon Carly is involved in it when she takes the painting and it causes all sorts of problems.

By the end of the story two people will be dead, the painting will have been taken and Carly will show she is not to be messed with.

A really fun thriller with an interesting story and characters. Author Jamie Mason does a good job telling the backstory of the major characters and how we got to this point. With twists and turns the reader is engaged throughout the whole novel.

You can pick up The Hidden Things in stores on Tuesday, August 13th from Gallery.

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