Book Review: ‘The Heron’s Cry: A Detective Matthew Venn Novel’ By Ann Cleeves

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

It’s summer in North Devon but that’s no stopping the murders. First a murder takes place at a home for artists, the father of one of the tennants is found dead with a shard of glass from one of his daughter’s Eve’s vases. For Detective Matthew Venn it’s puzzling case. There are any number of potential suspects. And then a second murder takes place in the same way with a shard of glass from another of Eve’s vases. And it hits close to home for Matthew and his husband Jonathan, as he’s friends with Eve, so there’s a little tension between them. Matthew and his crew is working day and night on these murders when another dead body turns up that is close to this case but this one seems to be a suicide. When Eve goes missing things come into perspective and they figure out who the murderer is but will they be able to save Eve?

I love Ann Cleeves books (Vera Stanhope) as they are written so well and have interesting stories for the readers to follow along with. We get more character development in this second novel and even meet Matthew’s mother and get more of the married couple of Matthew and Jonathan. A very good second novel in the new series.

You can pick up The Heron’s Cry in stores on Tuesday, September 7th from Minotaur Books.