Book Review: ‘The Helpline’ Is One Of The Most Fun Books All Year With Great Quirky Characters

Author Katherine Collette’s debut novel is a home-run. It’s filled with great, quirky characters including (Germaine, Eva, Jin-Jin and more) unlike any I have read so far this year. The story is fun and highly recommended.

Germaine Johnson is a unique person and a very good mathematician. She doesn’t need friends or people for that matter. She just needs her Chinese takeout and her Sudoku puzzles and she is happy. But now things have changed as she has lost her longtime job at the insurance agency. And finding another job isn’t easy. Her cousin helps her get a job at city hall answering phones for the Senior Citizens Hotline. It’s a very tedious job working with Eva (who is quite the character). Soon Germaine is thinking of ways to cut down on the time of calls and getting it automated.

Soon the Mayor calls her for a meeting. She wants Germaine to help with an issue at the Senior Center in town. There’s been issues with parking and other things. They have been feuding with the golf course next door owned by Don Thomas, who in another life was a Sudoku champion. Germaine does what she can to take care of the problem but things still persist. And then the Mayor decides that the center is too much to fix and is going to close it down and have it sold to Don.

Germaine and all her new friends at the center and work find this unacceptable and go on offense to find a way to save it before it’s too late.

As I said above this book is a lot of fun and you can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, July 23rd from Atria.

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